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About Us

Our Founding Board has local and global experience in early childhood education methodologies, curriculum development, foreign language education, university faculty & research, public outreach & programming, civic engagement, diplomacy, social entrepreneurship, experience design, and arts & culture.

Roles held have included: DC Delegate to the historic 2008 Democratic
Convention under Barack Obama, DC Democratic Committeeman, Citizens Advisory Council, Special Briefing Officer (The Pentagon), Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Intelligence Operations Specialist. 

We recognize the importance of creativity in all pursuits, and are committed to providing opportunities for students to bring their creativity to its full potential.



Our vision is to enable future generations to be more effective problem-solvers.


Our mission is to implement new creativity-focused educational models.


Empathy, compassion, openness, adaptivity, curiosity, transparency.



A suffix that may denote a state or quality, principle, practice, system, philosophy, ideology or an artistic movement.



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