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About Us

Established by Scott Mallory Jr., our Founding Board has extensive experience in Washington, D.C. school systems and a deep understanding of their communities. They bring local and international experience in early childhood education methodologies, curriculum development, foreign language education, higher education & academic research, public outreach & programming, civic engagement, diplomacy, entrepreneurship, social innovation, experience design, and arts & culture.

Roles held have included: DC Delegate to the historic 2008 Democratic
Convention under Barack Obama, DC Democratic Committeeman, Citizens Advisory Council, Special Briefing Officer (The Pentagon), Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Intelligence Operations Specialist. 

We recognize the importance of creativity in all pursuits, and are committed to providing opportunities for students to bring their creativity to its full potential.

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Our vision is to enable future generations to be more effective problem-solvers.


Our mission is to implement new creativity-focused educational models.


Empathy, compassion, openness, adaptivity, curiosity, transparency.

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A suffix that may denote a state or quality, principle, practice, system, philosophy, ideology or an artistic movement.

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Founding Group

Scott Mallory, Jr.

Founder & Director

Scott Mallory, Jr. is an Emily Carr University MFA alumnus, Design and Dynamic Media Sessional Faculty, Founder of ISM Arts & Culture (a creative consultancy turning early concepts into scalable innovations), Founder of TEDxEmilyCarrU (formerly TEDxECUAD), Founder of Boma ECU (activating university impact projects across a global network of local partners), and Arts & Culture Curator at TRIUMF Lab (Canada's particle accelerator centre) where he produces outreach projects to connect science with society. He holds roles in program management, science communication, outreach, art + design, faculty and research, entrepreneurship, and foreign language instruction and was included in the Top 100 Leaders in Education at Global Forum for Education & Learning.

His passion for student-centered teaching methodologies, project management, and racial equality are the foundation of his story behind the creation of ISM PCS. Mallory has had the opportunity to attend some of the most prestigious educational institutions across the globe and continues to be sought after for ideas, advice, consultation, project management, and organizational design and efficiency.  He has intentionally surrounded himself with people whose skillsets complement his and align with the mission and needs of ISM PCS.

Steven Slaughter


As Deputy Chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Slaughter is especially skilled in long term planning, project management, and oversight.  His experience developing policies and procedures, managing large scale implementation plans, and implementing guiding corporate strategies give him the experience and tools that successful Governing Boards rely on for operational and organization expertise.  Slaughter has a realistic view of policies and procedures and understands the legislative process and how to influence change.  His deep knowledge of the District gives him specific insight into systemic challenges that students and families face today.  He understands city infrastructure and what it takes for students to be safe and successful while progressing through the school system.  With a background that ranges from law enforcement to the Pentagon, Slaughter has a unique and global view of the District and brings the tools, expertise, and resources to support our mission and families.

Mossa Barandao

Management Information Systems

An experienced founder and entrepreneur, Barandao brings a host of governance and educational experience to the ISM PCS Governing Board. He has helped found a daycare and has been responsible for most operational aspects required in running a successful school.  Barandao has managed school budgets, developed policies and procedures, been responsible for the design and implementation of classroom technology, is experienced in developing and managing extracurricular activities, and is a consistent voice and leader in driving cultural change. His experience in managing large scale projects both inside and outside of the classroom give him the tools and perspective needed to be an effective Board Treasurer.

Chizarra Dashiell

Special Education Coordination

As a behavior and educational consultant, Dashiell provides a depth of knowledge and experience in creating programs and providing services related to ELL, Special Education, and data management. She is skilled in providing Social Emotional Learning opportunities, personalized behavior and academic plans for students, and general curriculum development. She has implemented diversity training for staff, mentored and coached teachers, and has demonstrated success in using data to inform a culturally appropriate, personalized education to students of all needs, abilities, and backgrounds. Dashiell has had the unique opportunity to observe the communication and expectation gaps that often exist between schools and families and, she is anxious to lead the effort to address those gaps.

Ornella Hegbe

Relationship Management

With an extensive background in Social Work, Hegbe provides the Governing Board with the knowledge and resources needed to ensure that all students and families are getting the mental health support they need. She also partnered with community leaders to manage the Financial Literacy Program for four schools and directly provided cash management services, de-escalation support, and a range of clinical services.  She understands how to support low-income families and has experience sharing resources about credit, college, grants, scholarships, and other opportunities. Her experiences and connections throughout the District magnify her advocacy efforts, and she works tirelessly to ensure students and families have access to the resources and support they need.

Kathy McKeon

Data & EL

McKeon has a career track record of leading educational change, building quality programs, and measuring and supporting growth for both academic and SEL outcomes.  She has taught, led data teams, created data-informed instructional responses, trained teachers, provided PD to administrators on effective use of data, and managed any number of efforts and projects to ensure that accurate data informs improved instruction. McKeon is an expert in effectively using data throughout the educational process, and her involvement with ISM PCS supports the quantitative measures that supplement our Montessori-influenced student portfolios.

Anthony Muhammad

Community Outreach

Muhammad is a fourth generation native Washingtonian who has served for three decades as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, which gives him a uniquely expert perspective on the needs and wants of families throughout the District. He is the President of the 7th District Metropolitan Police Citizen’s Advisory Council and directly understands the community needs for better and safer neighborhoods in the District. As a small business owner, veteran, and past Presidential Delegate, Muhammad understands that ISM PCS’s offerings must be, and will be, reflective of what is in the best interest of students and families. Muhammad and his wife have seven children, thirteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  He knows the importance of family and community and is proud to be part of the efforts to bring high quality education and school choice for all.

Andrea Shorter


Shorter provides the full range of business and accounting solutions to businesses, including schools.  Her further experience in developing fiscal policies and procedures, administering federal grants, and managing budgets of all scopes and sizes provides tremendous fiscal oversight to the Founding Group.

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